Top 5 vineyards who do Christmas right!

how many people have asked you what you / your kids/ your whoever want for xmas? I mean seriously guys. I’m still not over the fact summer is over and now what? Christmas. can we PAUSE for a second??? I don’t want to do xmas shopping at all right now. Because Im not sure what I want actually in this crazy COVID WORLD. Anytime I am dreaming about a place, an adventure, someone is shutting a freakin’ border. no you’re right. I did not really plan anything. but of all places, we did want to go surfing in Morocco and now we can’t. also because we need to save a little more. France really pays way less than USA. exactly how they describe it in this unbelievable TV show featuring our old life with literally all of our best friends from Portland.


this was my venting minute, thank you for listening. I always like to complain a bit so then when I am happy shiny again it seems so unexpected. so focusing on local, close, easy and safe, here is a tour of the best of vineyards offering magical experiences for xmas! GO please go! they do need you before someone shut them off again! now more than ever there is no time to be lazy my friend. you got to enjoy every damn piece of this weird, weird life.

FIRST (because I am dragging my whole fam + friends / meaning two families total :)…

1- NOEL AU PEY BLANC! starting at 11am

so fun! they offer kids workshop, so parents (and normal life people) can enjoy a wine tasting, catered food and music.


Every week end in December, le Domaine is exploring Christmas through art (4-5th of December), Music (11-12 of December) and horse-riding sleight (18-19). All of which can be accompanied by hot cocoa and delicatessen.

3- Marché de Noël au Domaine Château Henri Bonnaud!

if you havent found all your gifts yet, you will probably find some hidden local gems there! I’ve never been but heard it’s gorgeous!

4- Noël a Beaupré

We stumble upon this insanely stunning property (from 1739!?!?!) with my mother last Sunday and discovered that they were planning a ton of fun events for the month to come. All around food & wine pairings, to finish with a local gift market to promote their talented neighbors! By the way I love their little delicatessen store, they have such a good choice of food and wine. a must!

5- Noël au Domaine de Fontainebleau (En Provence! not the one near Paris)

literally everything will happen within a few hours there. visit, kids workshops, market, wine tasting… you NAME it. this used to be in my family for many years so I cannot wait to go back and show it to my kids all beautiful for xmas!

voila!! Noël is officially in 23 days. TIME TO PANIC PEOPLE! Im not good for the things you have to do, the gift you have to shop. I am not too bad at picking the experiences you have to live as a family though 🙂

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