I haven’t had the chance yet to meet the magical person my sister told me to. Apparently she shifts your energy in a dramatic yet beautiful way and then you feel more enlightened.

however I have been doing quite a bit of walking, running, and waxing, and I do feel pretty aligned these days.

so during one of my run, I realised that I cannot compare anymore present and past. I literally have to shift gears, in order to let what is be. And seriously start accepting the fact that I am making different choices now, from what I used to, which means I have to let go of certain things.

I never understood when my kids were little why they would destroy lego they just built. why would you do that. whats the point. I don’t like the idea of building from scratch, I like to feel connected to the past and aligned with everything that was build until now. fact is it’s clearly impossible. I do not have the time or the energy to feed into that kind of logic. My priorities have changed, my energy and body are changing, my face and my hair are changing, and I love the idea of embracing this totally, and let things happen more.

so fluidity is allowing me to finally say no to things, very nicely, and yes to new things and intuition. I really need to stop putting money first, as a filter to everything I do, think, and allow myself to shine through while being careful. if I am constantly putting money and status first I will never be able to show my real self. I will not have brain space to explore what life is hiding.

So I have decided to stop forcing myself to think about every idea as a potential gold mine, and every person as a magical unicorn, but instead feel more, and create space. someone made me realise that I recharge when I am by myself, and it’s true. I need space, time, and energy to fully be myself, and offer the best version to the people I love most.

now im going to bed, because I did not think I would feel the need for this type of post but I did, so voila! here is to beautiful fluidity and open mind.

Abstract psychedelic liquefied background. Magenta and Blue oil paints. Fractal artwork for creative design

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