Note to self: take one kid out more often

I tend to put everything that cross my mind in my calendar (usually shared with hubby for planning/ keeping me accountable for it), or on a to-do list, otherwise I forget my ideas…

Taking one of my son out for dinner was one of my latest additions. Why you may ask? Because I get distracted when we all go out (all= two kids+ two adults). I listen to the waiter, make sure my mascara does not leak (that’s a lie. i typically don’t wear make up because I hate to take it off AND I don’t want people to get used to a better version of myself ahah), serve water, order, drink wine, make sure kids use napkins, manners, wash hands, look at people around, (try to) make (bad) jokes and then barely have an actual discussion with anybody. how would you anyway in those conditions.

I told my husband a week ago, but didn’t tell anything to my son until 5 min before we left. I was relieved when he said “yes let’s go!” because I’m not always as confident about the level of closeness I have with my second son… I know it’s weird but that’s just how it feels… I just feel like he think I’m not that cool. “well too bad son, parents are not made to be cool”. (silent cry… of course all i want is to be so damn cool)

I nearly laughed when he said he would love to go to mc Donalds. I guess he was born in the states so… what what can one expect really. LOL

and then we actually got the chance to chat. favorite colors, red, pink and blue. all but black, because it’s too dark (that will probably change in about 10 years if he keeps asking me to play Enter Sandman but….)

when he grows up he wants to be a soccer player (great news!! vacation on a yacht yay!) today he cried because the teacher would not let him go pee (seriously??? come on people??!!)

girls are mean, especially one who used to be in love with him… (that’s weird though because a bunch of them scream his name to say goodbye like groupies when I pick him up from school, which I find cute and slightly scary for the future)

if he was an animal he would be an elephant because they are the biggest, and they have no predators. (THIS KID IS WAY MORE CLEVER THAN ME-> I said sea turtle and he said “seriously? you will be eaten on the beach by seagulls.” thanks. V. Thanks.)

and just things like that. nothing super crazy. next time I want to take him bowling. but it was just nice to catch up. because there is a lot happening during his day, and we typically don’t actually get to talk about it enough. I told him in the end: ” I just want you to know that I’m here for you. You can tell me anything, and if something happens at school and you get in trouble, I won’t add to it. I will just listen and try to help you”

I think parenting is definitely the most challenging adventure to my nerves, but most interesting for my soul.

love x


photo credits // Robert Doisneau ♥️

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