FALL re-alignement

this summer was hectic, busy, fun and exhausting. as i like my life to be. during the summer I felt a little overwhelmed at time, often asking myself wether or not I was at the right place, with the right people, basically wether I was surrounded by the right ENERGY.

I guess I was, because at the end of the summer I thought about a few things I should shift. I’m not sure wether you feel the same way or not, but for me September is way more a shifting moment, a great opportunity to explore, than January.

I have been sleeping pretty poorly, so this is the first thing on my list. Trying to avoir as much drugs as possible (it drives me insane how traditional doctors want to give you drugs, psy wants to spend hours asking you about your family, but there is not much in between in France) I don’t think I’m particularly stressed or malfunctioning. I think I’m acting like a newborn who is waking up every night at the same time, and I am going to try a few things to stop that habit. once I have found something really nice and legal I will let you know. SLEEP IS EVERYTHING!!! (and I hear lots of people struggling with it these days… which seems TOTALLY NORMAL)

balance with friends. I always want to meet new people, make things happen, kind of force it a bit sometimes. no more. I will do this with the people who care, who want, who make a move forward. I will not be spending time trying to force friendships that are not meant to be. Since I have made that shift, I have had some of the most inspiring, fun, interesting conversations ever. If people want to spend time with you they will let you know. I will say yes to those.

balance with work and home. I am launching my own consulting practice. it’s official. I am really excited about it, even though the economy is all over the place, I feel like it is the perfect move for me as a human being. I need more freedom to be the person I want to be. Shining the right values, putting time and effort where people need. I will not waste anymore time giving away my soul and my brain for peanuts anymore.

balance with my kids. no more (or very limited) alcohol when Im hanging out with them, I don’t want them to see this example in life, this way of relaxing. I realised it makes me more impatient and annoyed. how ironic!!! more time listening to them. I put my phone away as much as possible, sometimes full days. I have decided we need to laugh more. I remember when they were babies we laughed a lot, put on costumes and stuff. so I say yes when they want to play the drum at 7pm, I talk with funny voice, I look at them in the eyes….

Finally balance with myself. someday will be used for to-dos, some days will have to be more chill. I cannot be always on. I can actually but I really dont want to be. I need moments to breathe, observe and process!! Thanks to a friend of mine, I realised that some things actually really need to be done (cooking, paperwork…) but by doing the boring stuff, I allow myself more free time. more sport, more putting nail polish, more smiling at myself.

I think it’s a big list. but time flies, kids are growing fast, they are making jokes, they are gaining perspective, I can see a clear shift, and I want to be there for them along the way. For my family too, with the right distance at times, with my husband who supports me / listen to my craziness with love and patience. I want to be here now, and be ok with who I am, evolving, learning, just with the right amount of pressure to make magic happen!

do you feel the same about September? any “Fall resolution”?

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