confinement 2 day 2

honestly i’m not sure i’m ready for this whole thing. it means i have to cook again, to exercise again, to keep my house clean again. i have no damn excuses for anything. i have gained so much weight recently, all because of my friends obviously who are either making me drink because they like to or because they don’t. either way i guess im so shy that i need to drink to be acting like an adult. although i am not shy.

anyway. i brought back my desk into my bedroom, adding a massive screen which means i officially cannot get dressed anymore. great. i have a lovely cactus, an industrial cool looking chair yet no motivation today. went for a run with my hubby, after 15 min i screamed at his face “keys. now. please’ he was not impressed.

we then celebrated another awkward birthday. yet it was a lot of fun to let the kids do the grocery for the occasion tonight: cheese, bread, 6 bags of candies. we did not do halloween so i am absolutely compensating for not being a pinterest mum.

looking at the bright side, i took a shower and even washed my hair. my other hair are not growing anymore, they are fed up too, yay. im warming up my feet to a fireplace (yes wow. happy old lady) i am drinking a delicious sugar free syrup and resisted to dip cookies in my tea. we ate delicious homemade burgers. i managed to make my kids giggle. hubby is smiling. it’s gonna be ok? it’s gonna be ok.


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