Why is June the best time to come to Provence?

We had the honour to host a very dear friend of mine who came from USA over the last few weeks. There is nothing better for the soul than to have an amazing friend like her, booking tickets to come see you as soon as she know you feel a little lonely. I am very lucky to be surrounded by people who can, and who would do those kind of things for me. I hope you are too surrounded by lots of love and kindness. It’s pretty much all that matters in life to feel fulfilled and complete.

What was special is to rediscover where we live through her eyes. It’s so easy to get spoiled here in Provence, with all the castles, villages, wineries, sea, mountains… it’s non stop wonder. non stop light and elevating. So much at times you don’t even realise it anymore. my days sometimes are very small, my brain shrinks because of complaints, moods, lack of curiosity. but through special friends, with big eyes and appetite for life, things become so bright and colourful. Like this exhibition of Zao Wou-Ki I heard about recently.

I would like to share a few pictures here of beautiful images I would like to stick to my brain, and inspire you to travel again. My friend Sonja is trying to empower people to travel again as many place are opening back. My mum just did this amazing trek in Greece, and said it was insanely gorgeous and empty.

Things are getting back to normal slowly but June in Provence is my favorite. It’s not too crowded yet, beaches in Porquerolles were not too busy, this insane exhibition was nearly empty, restaurants do not require all reservations, and there are many events popping back up on the calendar. It’s lovely to feel like people are blooming again like cherry blossom in spring. Life is coming back, act of kindness seem inevitable, and most people need fun right now. good times my friends. let’s get back into it 🙂 we deserve this!!!


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